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ProtoPrust: Firefox extension for Internet auctions

Posted by: kaszubat

The ProtoTrust extension obtains its information by automatically performing the task that is performed by an auction user: by crawling parts of the auction site.
The results of the crawling provide input information for the improved trust management algorithms (uTrust library).

The user is presented with a graphical interface that gives access to a wealth of information that should support him in making the right decision.
Our extension uses Firefox mechanism to install and update it is easy accessible to all potential on-line auction users.
User can set her preferences to tune the Trust Management System. Preferences are applied after computation and can be changed repeatedly.

Currently, we are fixing some errors in our product and preparing it to launch.
*.xpi files for firefox will be available soon (see dates).

A debug/testing week is planned from 15 to 22/03.
ProtoTrust official release is planned for next week.