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After the first seminar

Posted by: adamw

It was a pleasure to meet the project participants at the first seminar last week. Due to the early hour we had some coffee and then settled down to discuss trust management.

The slides of the seminar can be found at the following link:
"Concepts, Methods and Problems in Trust Management Research

Let me thank all of those present for a very interesting and fruitful discussion. After the seminar, I had so many new ideas that I, at least, got something out of it.

As you know, we already have a next speaker for January; still, it is all right to volunteer if you want to speak, too ;]

Before the first seminar

Posted by: adamw

Tomorrow is the first seminar of the uTrust project. I am a little bit sleepy, because I have been preparing it ;]

The seminar will be an introduction to the topic of trust management. I shall try to tell as much as possible about up-to-date research problems.

We already have an arrangement with professor Ogryczak, who has agreed to be the next speaker and tell us about models of trust management. His talk will be in December or January, 2008.

I wanted to thank and congratulate Tomek (our Webmaster) and Grzesiek (our literature archive manager). Thanks to their efforts, the Web page is up and running, and the literature archive has started to grow.

Unfortunately, our grant agreement is still not signed by the Ministry. However, I also have good news: I have found out that it is possible for anyone who is interested in trust management and works in a research institute in Poland to join the grant. I hope that we can create a local hub of such people. Already, Mikołaj Morzy from Poznań University of Technology has agreed to join forces with us.

See you tomorrow!

Beginning of the uTrust project

Posted by: adamw

It is the last day of September, 2007. Tomorrow, a new semester and academic year begins in Poland. At the same time, we are approaching the official start of the uTrust project. The project will be funded by the Polish Ministry of Science and will, therefore, officially start when the Ministry signs our grant agreement. The agreement has already been signed by PJIIT, so we can expect that the Ministry will sign it soon.
In October, we plan to hold the first seminar of the Polish project participants. We shall discuss the project's goals, and start working on universal trust management models. Initially, a large part of our work will be gathering and studying related work; Grzegorz Wierzowiecki, a bright student of PJIIT, is already gathering a library for us.
We hope to move to the implementation stage soon -- at latest, at the end of 2007. Then, we shall create an open source project -- probably on SourceForge -- develop a modular decomposition and start working on the data structures, basic algorithms and protocols of universal trust management.